"Myst" is not only the name of the game, but also the name of the book that tumbles into a crevice during the game's cinematic opening credits. The book then opens to reveal the island, as hooks in movies in the 1930soften opened to reveal a picture that then became the first scene of the film (fig. 4.4). There is a whole library on Myst island, some of whose book, describe worlds that the father has created. Two strange volumes actually contain his evil sons-we can see them as noisy video images inside the pages of the books-while the father, named Atrus, is trapped elsewhere (fig. 4.5). The concealment in Myst comes through containment, replication, and changes of scale. Like a series of nested Russian dolls, the Myst book contains the island, which in turn contains the library, which contains the books, which contain the sons. At the same time, the game makes unwitting allusions to the literature of generational conflict from the Oresteia to Finnegans Wake. The game and the allusions begin with the literal fall of Atrus into the crevice, where the falling father morphs into the falling book. The father thus becomes the book that becomes the game. Eventually the player discovers that the two volumes that contain the brothers are incomplete: their videos are faulty because their pages have been scattered. So the player must hunt for these pages throughout the Myst worlds.

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Info: Myst - Achenar's Fifth Speech
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