More decisively than in the other arts or media, postmodernist positions in architecture have been inseparable from an The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism implacable critique of architectural high modernism and of Frank Lloyd Wright or the so-called international style (Le Corbusier, Mies, etc), where formal criticism and analysis (of the high- modernist transformation of the building into a virtual sculpture, or monumental "duck," as Robert Venturi puts it) - are at one with reconsiderations on the level of urbanism and of the aesthetic institution.

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Info: Big Duck
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Info: The Eastern Long Island Big Duck
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Sketches of the Duck and the Decorated Shed

Author: Robert Venturi
Year: 1972 Edit Add
Book: Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism

Postmodernism in architecture will then logically enough stage itself as a kind of aesthetic populism, as the very title of Venturi influential manifesto, Learning from Las Vegas, suggests.

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Info: Duck vs. Decorated Sheds - Sketch from "Learning from Las Vegas"
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