All Sources are Broken has been selected by the curators of FILE Festival in Brazil to partecipate in the new exhibition programme online.

FILE Electronic Language International Festival’s theme for FILE SÃO PAULO 2018 is “The Body is the Message“. Despite the apparent allusion to the world of the cyborg in the title, it refers to a different connection between technology and the body – to the aesthetic and artistic connection that is formed, which operates separately from the communicative flow of information and data – the appreciation of a work of art and of the way in which it is made.

03 july, Tuesday, 7h30pm

Art Galery
04 July to 12 August 2018
Tuesday to Saturday, from 10h to 22h
Sundays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


FIESP Cultural Center
Av. Paulista, 1313
São Paulo - SP

All Sources Are Broken” will exhibit at “Participation Matters”, in the context of Respublika! in Cyprus, from December 8 2017 to January 19 2018, and on December 13 at NeMe Arts Centre, with the lecture performance.

Respublika! is a cluster of an arts festival, two exhibitions and several seminars that translates the principles of community media in creative practice, in order to reflect on media, democracy and its participatory component, to analyze the (de)centralisation of power in contemporary societies, and to showcase art projects that use participatory mechanisms to produce art projects, working with, and empowering members of one or more communities.

On the occasion of our participation to “Respublika!” we have discussed with Olga Yegerova about ASAB, participatory empowerment, online and offline cycle and creative archival practices.

Here the link to the full article:

"Berlin-based artist duo Alessandro Massobrio and Valentina Besegher, working under the name Atelier Labor Neunzehn, created the sprawling digital archival project All Sources Are Broken in playful response to the disjointed and dysfunctional web of sources and citations criss-crossing digital and print realms. Analyzing this project by tracing her own network of associations and reference points, in this essay writer Fiona Shipwright finds space for creativity, collective action, and recontextualization within the platform Labor Neunzehn has created."

Link below to the full article:

Labor Neunzehn has been invited to present the new internet based project “All Sources Are Broken” in a lecture performance, in the context of Libros Mutantes Madrid Art Book Fair. Libros Mutantes is a Spain-based independent project focused on the relation between publishing and Visual Arts, that will be hosted at La Casa Encendida from April 21 to 23.

The lecture performance will start on April 21 at 8.00 pm o’clock!

Besides our lecture performance, the festival Libros Mutantes will be hosting the great talks and presentations by Kenneth Goldsmith, Groupe CCC, Javier Mariscal, Astrid Vorstermans and Heavyweight.

We are almost there, see you in Madrid.

Recorded broadcast at:

Friday the 3rd of March at 6PM GMT+1

Labor Neunzehn is glad to present – beta release, officially online from the 3rd of March 2017 at 7.30PM UTC+1.
Before the website launch a live mixing video presentation will be streamed on as a part of the Transmediale and CTM Vorspiel programme.

Tune in at 5GMT+1 (Berlin Time). The streaming starts around 6PM.